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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Notes from the Underground--“Juizy Blazz Shake-Up: Drink the Music and Dance”

Notes from the Underground
By Pi Kielty
July 18, 2009

“Juizy Blazz Shake-Up: Drink the Music and Dance”

It was a night like a harvest autumn, but mid-July. The summer was strange, and we all were estranged yet familiar with it. This night gathering, guided by the arc of Venus through broken, moving clouds, at dusk, moments before the Valley fireworks down the town, drew the Valley’s Underground and Topground together at den Haus for a Wannigan Days, Want-it-Again party. The Juizy Blazz Shake-Up mainlined the performance, the extra extravaganza of the annual summer party. The sky stayed partly half–half-clouds settling cold dampness and half-clear to see the starlighters in the black beveled sky. It was strange weather fitting for a strange summer.

The mixed intro revealed on a sudden that Juizy wasn’t choosey, but they chose fun. If the music was an ambrosia that feeds the feeling, then the dancing brought intoxicant nectar to the body as the band shook, around, down and upbound over the river’s olympian edge to its own temptation’s heaven.

Nothing hard to conjugate the notes, even for such untuned beat as in my demi-muse, Juizy Blazz oozed a hard beat, a thumping cord, a blast-off sax, and better than extra pretty special good organic board-keys. Juizy played the classic’s classic, “Shake, Rattle and Roll,” with a tittle tattle curiosity that beckons some to follow the Mad Hatter in a boogie down the rabbit hole, onto a Wonderland dance floor.

Happy behooves flavor, flavor multiplied by echo, echo in motion, motion in touch, and touch in soul–good spirits, some, out that night, waving in a warm cheery cherry sunshine on a humid sweaty fall night that July. The familiar things felt out of place in strange summer chill. But we all inured ourselves to ignore the sight of Undergrounders, so we remained anonymous even among our own, as milled with the Topground peoples.

Round and pound, a bar of rhythm, Rock & Roll lives in the St. Croix Valley!! The feat of shuffling feet and flaying hands, bouncing heads and a heart-hope on a looped and hooped moment in term, there seems a thousand people on the point of a superstar’s pin. “Gee-Willickers!! Mother F#$%%$, EVEN, its so crowded that soon I must make my Pi-exit!!” Yet, things were funner with a crowd, a happy unconcerned crowd, dancing loud, for dance was allowed, anytime there’s room to move in the room. “Blazz it, anyway!” There was still a great glow in a room with three hundred of one’s closest strangers. “My freaking god, its so warm, too.” Thick as fog, the people, a steamy fog, there sits and stands. But warmth, even damp, was power and energy. Outside to catch a cool breath underneath the starry sky flitting atwixt the partly-half of one sky beside another, my time near there would end. There was a band break inside as the Juizy Blazz rested and reset. “Don’t worry little Valley world. It’s late, but they’ll be back, on stage, to play you the night exhausted and flamed by languid spirits from a bottle.”

“Having Me Some Fun Tonight”? It was a refrained reminder to all to just enjoy the time, the moment in the term of life. The people shook all the more, harder, faster, longer–“Dance and don’t worry.” There’s “No Particular Place to Go,” only home at some point, even in the Underground. Juizy Blazz Shake-Up rocks, in old town and first new-school. “You were in the house when it tumbled down, weren’t you?” The brave in den Haus; such colorful people in it. The last call was called, and all called out for another dance. “One song for all you all!!” The doors would have shortly locked, but I traveled out. “Be happy people, people. Goodnight.”


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