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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Centuria Memory Days BIG Show--July 11th

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May 11, 2009

Contact–Centuria, WI, Village Hall: 715-646-2300


Trejo Headlines Centuria’s July Memory Days Concerts

Javier Trejo Band, a nation-touring “rock-out” band from the Twin Cities, highlights Centuria, Wisconsin’s Memory Days two day main street concert on Saturday, July 11th.
Hoping to leap over other community festivals in western Wisconsin’s Polk County, the village of Centuria centers its “do-it-yourself” recession-economy recovery with a daring mix of diverse entertainment and “sustainable-market” renewal.
Most important to July’s Memory Days, according to event volunteer, Tim Krenz, is the entertainment around a Friday night and an all-day Saturday concert-festival, July 10th and 11th.
“Javier is a phenomenal artist and performer. He is strongly connected to the local area through his family, friends, and concerts, and he is a talent getting big time in other parts of the country, based on his outstanding music and ability,” said Krenz.
Javier Trejo Band, who play a “psychobilly” cowboy country-punk, outlaw rock and roll, is one of five local musical acts playing Memory Days. Other acts include Friday’s entertainment, Medula Headrush, and Saturday’s stellar line up of Sandy Bishop’s Children’s Variety Family Show, folk string and dance along by The Juggernauts, and the psychedelia “funk-it” rock grunge of the area’s own, Squib.
Centuria banks on bands drawing crowds to its foods, crafts, trades, professions and farmer’s markets featured that big day, Saturday, July 11th. For more info about Centuria’s July Memory Days, the concert-festival, or the low-fee vending booths, call the Village Hall at 715-646-2300.


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