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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Centuria Memory Days, July 11th-Update

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June 1, 2009


Contact Info: Centuria Village Hall, 715-646-2300

All-Market Bazaar for Centuria’s Memory Days

Centuria, Wisconsin, will host an “all-market bazaar” for its July 10th-12th Memory Days festival.
The village-wide sales and booths, including garage and yard sales, is open to out-of-town vendors for all manners of commercial crafts, trades, professions, hobbies, civic and social associations, non-profits, and farms and coops. Charging only $10 per day for prime spots in the downtown-area streets and sidewalks, or $30 for all three days, the village All-Market Bazaar seeks to create an authentic old style swap meet, where the diversity, variety and fun adds to the attraction.
The vending permits for concession foods on sale that weekend, while open to any licensed restaurant, civic group or social association, have been set at $50 for the big Saturday party, July 11th, coinciding with the music performances on Main/Fourth Street (off WI St. Hwy 35; just three miles north of US Hwy 8). Concession food vending permits for the entire weekend are $100.
“The big day is that Saturday, July 11th,” said event volunteer Tim Krenz. “We have live performances and entertainments, including four music acts, beginning that morning at 9 AM. Opening the commercial vending to bring more interest and more attraction will hopefully bring more people to enjoy what should be a memorable weekend festival.”
The music groups referenced by Krenz include: Sandy Bishop’s Children’s Family Variety Show; local folk string band, The Juggernauts; Polk County’s funk grunge favorites, Squib; and the Midwest’s own rock & country stars, Javier Trejo Band, on national tours this year via the Twin Cities.
For more on vending opportunities or concession food permits, and Centuria’s Memory Days, call the village office at 715-646-2300.


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