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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Cepia Trade Bazaar!!! And the Renaissance of Markets

 Cepia Trade Bazaar has moved!! Now located in St. Croix Falls, WI (the city straddles US Hwy 8, WI State Hwys 35 & 87).  Cepia Trade Bazaar is within the Planet Supply beneath the US Post Office, on the main downtown drag). A separate entity from The Cepia Club LLC-proper, Cepia Trade Bazaar sells a mixed-media of “awareness & activism” items as well as general merchandise for everyday use or simple luxury. From books and other literature, dvds and cds of “globalocal” artists, to apparel, accessories, finer foods, and more, from the many diverse things, a free-and-fair market emerges, for the public and customers to shop. Cepia Trade Bazaar specializes in home trade, fair trade, and local made offered world-wide at a competitive market price. The bazaar also carries other mainstream items.

The trade bazaar format fits into the unique “community within a community” that is Planet Supply.  At the bazaar, the connections form between buyers and sellers. Members and vendors of The Cepia Club LLC-proper share their listings, and their wares as well. But public participation in the “bazaar”-market will eventually make the “meeting of the free-minds with their free-markets.”
Want something? Have something? Looking for workers? Looking for jobs? The bazaar will start slow, from where it was at in Centuria, WI, in 2008, yet what could to grow into a real brouse, or an agora, in the style of a community market that connects globalocally. Variety, diversity, sustainable and efficient–these are the bedrock principles of the Post-Historical community market.

Cepia Trade Bazaar is not a flea market. It is sort of a commodity, an exchange place, a depository for the  trade of equal value of the most valuable resources–what the land and people offer together or desire for the community.  The bazaar is a place to check out, just in case. In the small space at the Planet Supply, a true underground railroad to the future of economic freedom is developing.

Cepia Trade Bazaar’s official opening at Planet Supply will take place during the Sunday, April 19th concert at Planet Supply.

Don’t miss it then or after throughout the following months


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