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Friday, February 16, 2007

Interesting Developments on Iran

Last weekend, US commanders in Iraq rolled out evidence of Explosive Formed Projectiles (EFPs), a sophisticated weapon used remotely to ambush US forces in Iraq with shaped, hardened projectiles fired along roadsides. The US is pressing a case that Iran is responsible for arming insurgents and militia's in Iraq with these EFPs, which are more more complex, apparently, than the "homemade" Improvised Explosive Devices used against US and Iraqi government forces.

Earlier this week, an anti-Iranian terrorist group set off a car bomb near Iran's Pakistan border. The Sunni Muslim group, Jundallah, operates supposedly from bases in Pakistan against Iran's Shi'a controlled theoracratic government. Iran's Islamic Republic New Agency said, no doubt with the authority of the government, that "This [act of terrorism] was done by a group that gets support from America."

In recent weeks, US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice claimed in testimony before Congress that she knew nothing of a proposal from Iran in early 2003--before Operation Iraqi Freedom--to open direct discussions with the US leading to more normalized relations between the countries, estranged for almost 30 years. The proposal was relayed from Iran through the Swiss Embassy in Tehran. The US and Iran have no diplomatic relations and communications are done by the "good offices" of Switzerland. A former National Security Council aide to then-National Security Advisor Rice said that she is lying about not knowing of the offer.

What does all this mean? Where will it lead the US? These are the types of questions that will dominate American policy-makers, as incidents, accusations, and proxy attacks increase over the coming months. Is the American public being fed more spin in order to prepare it for open conflict with the regime in Tehran? Is Tehran doing the same thing with its population--preparation for a political-military showdown with what it calls "The Great Satan"?

This is becoming an ominous trend of events. The future is not written in our time, yet. War between the US Great Britain versus Iran would be even more destructive and deadly for the Middle East, and for the American homeland, than Iraq.

As we at The Cepia Club have been claiming, the control of US foreign policy by the elite ranks who have run it for decades is becoming far more dangerous to world peace and American freedom that any external enemy we have had since the end of the Soviet Union in 1991. The Cepia Club cannot emphasize enough the need for awareness and activism by "the people" of the American nation to fix these core problems in concept and execution of United States Grand Strategy. It is getting late in the day for this sombre, self-centered age to rise above its willful ignorance and complacent apathy.

We offer our self, our ideas and our resources, to individuals and groups who want to do something in order to create a better world. Our vision begins with the person and the family; it will have the most impact in the community. From there, change happens elsewhere. For those leaders who await the call: this is your first call. For those masses who want inspiration, The Cepia Club can only do our best. We have been fighting this war for over a decade already. We would like you to join us, and we will join with you in partnership: To create positive change.

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