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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Club Report–Oct. 18, 2006

Things are going well in The Cepia Club. As everyone can see by reading this blog, we have been busy the last month posting current events commentary and analysis on the Clublog. We hope people find it enlightening and useful. In July, Club Friend Smitty suggested we might put more “interesting” things on the Clublog instead of the dreary minutia of our activities. So far, I know of only two people who have been reading the blog, Smitty and one of my political friends. They both thought it was becoming a better blog. They especially liked the movie and book postings. Yet, we still need to do Club Reports such as this current posting from time to time.

The past year I have been volunteering for a non-profit corporation and serving on the actual board of directors since early August. This entire 12 and a half months of work as a member of the host committee and the board of directors has been devoted to putting on an annual convention for 500 people. Well, two days from now is D-Day. It has consumed a lot of time and energy, especially the last three months. In serving this worthy non-profit, I have learned invaluable skills, about working with others as a team, what I’m capable of doing, and about event planning and execution in particular. I look forward to a future time when the Club can put on its own “big show.” We had mini-conventions in 1998 and 1999. I think four people showed up both years. They were relative successes for where were at and for what we were trying to do. The Cepia Club and I have grown in many ways since then. A Club convention may be in the works two or three years in the future.

The Club is publishing Pi Kielty’s collection of writings, “The Mad Tales.” The book is in post-production and finalization. We have a target release date of Halloween. We may have to miss that by a week until Nov. 7th. We are taking pre-orders. Email us at if you are interested in ordering “The Mad Tales.” The Club will also be selling a new T-shirt in time for Christmas with an image and quote of Edmund Burke. Details of the T-shirt can be found in a couple of weeks on the website, , on the Store page.

The Club website is still largely under reconstruction. We are actually now calling it “under procrastination.” There just hasn’t been much time or expertise on my part to get the job done the last three months (with my non-profit work a major reason for the limited time). Beginning next week, we will be working on site, beginning with the Publications page.

The third issue of “Strategy Gazette” is in production. We have a target date set for Nov. 1st, which we should have no problem meeting. We are always looking for advertisers who conform to “The Cepia Club’s Family Standard” to help us finance production of this and future issues of the Gazette. Please let us know. Again, check the website once it is completely updated for more info on advertising in the Gazette and in other Club publications.

The Cepia Club’s business plan is in advanced review and revision stage. We have been working on it frequently since late June. It is now 41 pages of text. We are currently working on the production and incorporation of graphics, diagrams, and charts. Later, we will add a financial annex dealing with projections and statements. The current “Club 21" paper we consider a more permanent strategic guidance. The financial annex will be left a separate part of the business plan for updating and revision once we’ve finalize the heart of the game plan for our initial 3 years of operation. We may do some additions to the current main text for things like personnel, sales strategies, and appendices for things like Club applications and sample contracts. As always, we are obsessed by our own imperfection and are trying to do a perfect job. By the time the project ends, we will all be ready to be “just good enough for now.”

The Club has been building and revising our databases for different activities. Slowly, we are building detailed information to use in our activities.

Well, as you can see, all is going fairly steady here at The Cepia Club. 2006 has been a year of considerable growth, in all aspects, particularly in gaining experience. We will go into 2007 expecting even better things to happen.


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