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Sunday, March 15, 2020

Cepiaclub Coronavirus Meeting Discussions (Open-Source)

Agenda—Cepiaclub Coronavirus Meeting Discussions (Open-Source)
March 15, 2020

“Plans mean nothing; but planning means everything.”

Note: Meeting open discussion format—use this handout for info and discussion. Ask Questions

Welcome & Introductions (Tim)

Ground rules: your choice of whether to remain anonymous; uncensored discussion.
Cepiaclub: “Connecting people. . . with community media.” Better info and action to public
Trying to connect people to good info to avoid fear and panic
Create a template for anyone, anywhere to use for calm & rational response to Coronavirus

Director's Comments (Tim)

We want to freely discuss anyone's ideas, concerns, issues, and options to create confidence
Sharing this open-source material; various media, including website
Absolute need for people to cooperate and unify; to create conditions for success

Coronavirus Briefing (Coda)

Isolation precaution procedures in the home

Situation Report

Restricted travel to a full quarantine almost a certainty
Political-economic-social effects of misinformation or distortion
Extremism (violence, theft, &c)

Principles of Cepiaclub's template—safety-first

Ensure our people
Ensure our resources/supplies
Ensure property
Ensure values: peace and tolerance; service and community

Recommendations for a quarantine

Create a “base camp” of family & families—as much as space may support—MORALE
Everyone contributes to work needed at camp
Apportion and share by agreement all resources, fairly and equitably
Begin rationing immediately on I-day (Implementation of Quarantine, etc.) WASTE NOTHING

Priorities for base camp or individual

First, bring and store as much food as possible, undetermined length; clean water. Dry goods!!
(eat fresh or perishable foods first)
Second, energy, fuels, etc.; necessary tools, materials, for cooking, warmth, and repair
Third, bring all medicines, first aid supplies, prescriptions, vitamins, etc.
Fourth, Essential but minimal essentials, for change of clothing, sleeping gear, morale
(Addressing means of personal protection remain up to the individual and group comfort level

Procedures for Base Camps

Inventory everything, esp. food and medicines, fuels
Create a means of self-governing any group. Appoint trusted leaders to different duties
Agree on how to use foods, supplies, energy. Give NO charity to others. Trade and barter
If needed, create isolation areas for sick, if necessary
Arrange accommodations for members for members, sleeping, activity, work areas
Devise a means of schedules for work, security, chores, duties. Schedules improve efficiency
Use time well and wisely, and try keeping mood one of positive encouragement—MORALE
Plan for the Immediate term
2 month quarantine or movement restriction beyond base camp
2-3 month recovery process to rebuild functioning supply chains and reconnection
6-12 months(??) worst case recovery, with scarcities. Think gardening!! ETC. ETC.

Probable scenario for restrictions or quarantine and short recovery period
Electricity and gas companies should still function
Communications should still work—cell towers, land telephones, radio, television.
Vital workers staying in health care, emergency and police services, food transport, production
Road blocks, checkpoints, no crossing state boundaries without permits, city and village patrols
to control movement and regulate public spaces
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), primary administrator of public services
Federal, state and municipal agencies working to supply basic food deliveries, services, etc.
Limited, and by assignment, of household times to do essential shopping or pickup and delivery
Civil defense food rations distribution points (limited stocks—6-8 months???)
Mail services and postal delivery


Establish communications with others, make hard copies of contacts, family, friends, etc.
CREATE NETWORKS OF YOUR OWN for trade and barter and resupply chains.
Arrange on set days at set daylight times a local market area after movement allowed
Don't panic, stay calm, stay as positive as you can, and don't do mean or stupid shit
Start rebuilding faith and perspective. Reflect on lessons learned about truly important things

Four principles of Cepiaclub—we all need to show leadership
Take care of your people; use what you have, wisely; focus on clarity, purpose and reality.
“Follow me!” attitude


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