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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Universe Pory Psalm From “The Alphabet Psalms” By (Posthumously) Pi Kielty

Universe Pory Psalm
From “The Alphabet Psalms”
By (Posthumously) Pi Kielty
Discovered August 1, 2010
Papers Box “F”
Released August 14, 2010

Plenty of emptiful, desolate what? Absence offended none, yet one aspirating poet lacked muse devoid of sun. All wrapped; no expanse timed for no one. Heavy dense the heart without life to share. No song sang. No love yet given nor bared . Lone-ness needs two for rhyme.

Together, every nothing darkness, weighty small inner gloom, condemned non-future with dreary nowhere doom. The sole bard raised pen, arising a soulful solaced yearn. The sparking shard; the tablet smitten. That gift read as written:“Let there be light,” as time ceased its wasting dead.

Pleased, all things together, heart no longer rent, life and love, the grand poet lent.


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