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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Time Pory Psalm

From “Alphabet Psalms”
By (Posthumously) Pi Kielty
Dated: Bastille Day (Year unknown)
Discovered: July 15, 2010
Released: July 16, 2010

Time Pory Psalm

No current flowed, as undammed Time, erodes a body, a hope, a jigsaw mind. No power knowed, parting that unbuilt unseen, wakes life aware, blesses slumbered dreams.

Constant Time—forceful fraud though versed—wills all well-wished, afore time tolled untelling too soon, rebirthed. Rebridged on altered path, time not set, reigns goodness given and goodness kept.

Time's past futured, too, fulfilled; forgave lifeful, the always promising saved with outcasts unspited, all sheening unblightful. Time's own power serves itself for all humbled to kneel, unpuzzled mind, brushened hope to god. That Falled . . . rehealed.


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