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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cepia Club Invites Community Calendar Postings

Cepia Club Invites Community Calendar Postings

As part of promoting community-centered action for positive change, invites artists, bands, poets & authors, dancers, and community non-profit groups to submit dates, times, locations and other pertinent information for posting on Cepia Club's calendar, depending on availability.

As an integrated feature within the so-called “CepiaNet,” the calendar connects to services owned by Cepia Club, including,, Facebook at “Cepia Bazaar,” Twitter at “cepiaclub,” and, among other sites and services. The Club's free on-line calendar posting offer does not, however, include any further promotional or other services.

“Cepia Club wants to assist people in the community to do things that. . .well, do fun and positive stuff,” said the Cepia Club director, Tim Krenz. “The arts, readings, concerts, exhibits—all happen on their own. The good and great things in life, the fun and positive things just happen. We can help get the word out to others. The calendar postings might help people enjoy getting to know their community and their neighbors and friends better.” accepts calendar submissions on either its My Space or Facebook applications, or by email at Calendar postings are reviewed to ensure that the nature of the events do not violate Cepia Club protocol or standards (for example, no political or commercial submissions for the free service, please). Cepia Club reserves the right to refuse or to delete the event from its calendar for any reason without penalty or explanation and holds no responsibility for the events themselves.


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