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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Rebuilding Civilization Requires YOU

Without considering the eventual impact of the global “war we cannot name or define,” the financial coup d’etat underway against the middle and working classes is the beginning of a great re-ordering in this country. Let all America’s “average” citizens be so informed: We the People, collectively–all of us without exception–hold responsibility for the international political and financial upheaval taking place since 9/11/2001. This age will damage and endanger our core national interests and security, and in the end that of American families.
We the People as a whole thought better to stay un-informed about the reality that a few manipulated; We the People chose to fall for the destructive partisan political process. We indulged our greed to get what we could, to grab outside of our reach for more because of the fear of not getting as much as someone else. We choose our leaders poorly.
The phony choices we accept in all the false prophets and lunatics in BOTH the Republican and Democratic parties only served to divide us in our communities. Divid et imperia. We became divided over utterly irrelevant matters, and lost the simple understanding of individual liberty, family economic freedom, justice IN the law, and the truth that we all need each other’s help. These are Natural Laws & Rights. America’s independence was built around them. We forgot where we lost them! Hence shall those smarter and wealthier in this country and elsewhere conquer and rule in THEIR minority interests instead of the general good for all.
We fell victims to our own delusions: WE FIND NOW that there are limits in politics, economics, governing and morals. We broke the “silvery rule,” that is we as individuals, families, factions, and communities did not protect our very own self-interests first and foremost by protecting the common interest of all for the better good.
People can vote their own poisons for president and Congress in the same delusion as before. Wake up!! Republicans and Democrats at all levels, even unwittingly, work for the same people, and those people are not us. Examine the history and the records, and then follow the money. Remove passion, ideologies, and open the objective mind–if you dare to reason.
Multi-trillion-dollar bandages won’t help. America’s independence, our own liberties, material well-being, and our hope for an improved way of life requires a complete re-building of our civilization. We need a cultural rebellion in American thought and action, against the ignorance and apathy.
Re-building begins at the level of main street and neighborhood. Build from the bottom up. Government is better, more responsive, and a greater impact when you can walk or drive in a matter of minutes to the city, village or town hall or county seat. Autumn is the time to run for local offices in Wisconsin’s spring elections. It only requires a little paper work. Find out more and pursue it. Be the change. If not running, attend the local government meetings. Speak up. Volunteer to help improve your community–meals on wheels, neighborhood watch, the library, etc.. Do it because it helps everyone and is the right thing to do. Follow up with action. These measures, building anew in the communities and counties where the land and people meet, produce greater results than ever casting one ballot for a president. No more lesser of two evils. Choosing to help community and local government is a choice for the better, greater good.
Signed [Tim Krenz]


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