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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Club Press Release: Book Initiative

September 4, 2008


Cepia Club Asks For Library Book Sponsors

“Those who live liberty and do libertarianism are fond of saying, ‘there’s no free lunches,’ ” said Tim Krenz, Cepia Club manager. “Richard Campagna’s book, To Play Along the Path, is one of those mind-opening revolutions by easy reading. It shows how to live free in liberty and ignoring governments telling you that you can’t. We need to get this book in our public and high school libraries, at no cost to them. It is the start of a bigger rebellion in ideas.”
Krenz was commenting on Cepia Club’s initiative to find private party sponsors to endow their local libraries with Campagna’s new work, To Play Along the Path: The Multifarious Ps of Existential Philosophy & Practice. Campagna is respectfully known as the “Existential Optimist” among the Cepia Club.
“It is an extraordinary collection of thoughts on how to find purpose, live responsibly, and follow that age old golden rule: Be good to one another and be as helpful without reward as you can,” continued Krenz. “But the book puts that profound rule, and its difficulties, in a much needed modern context.”
Richard V. Campagna, who toured Western Wisconsin in 2004 when he ran for US Vice President, put together “in very easy to read language and ideas,” according to Krenz, a great primer for anyone who wants to choose to live independently “of the mass-pop fads, property-based religions and a government-corporate union gaining control of everything.”
“Richard and friends are doing nothing less than what Henry David Thoreau suggested in his theory of ‘civil disobedience:’ “ summed the Cepia Club manager. “If you disagree with where the world is heading, don’t participate in the insanity; be your own free-thinking person: positive, peaceful, moral, loyal. Have faith in who you are and what you can do to be part of the solution within you, your family and your community, and in the end, in your country; without political parties, exclusive ideologies or fanatical falsehoods. A person’s power begins and ends with how they exercise it. ‘E pluribus unum.” From the many, we can be a mighty and united ONE force of purpose for peace and plenty in all of human civilization.”
Krenz conceded the effort would be lucky to get copies of To Play Along the Path into the minimum of all Polk County public libraries via volunteer endowments. Campagna, the lead author and main editor of the book, will visit the St. Croix Valley on a tour September 26th thru the 28th. He will be the guest of honor at the Cepia Club roundtable dinner on Friday the 26th in Centuria, WI, and he will also appear and speak at the St. Croix Falls, WI, Autumn Fest the next day, Saturday, the 27th. For more info on the public dinner, or to help the library book endowment, call The Cepia Club LLC at 715-646-9933 or visit .


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