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Monday, August 11, 2008

Russo-Georgian War: Cepia Club Appeal

Three or four weeks ago, I explained to S. our March Project 6 prediction of significant event that will affect major markets on or within a day or two of Aug. 8th, 2008. Although we 'theorized' some sort of WMD terror strike, S. this morning said we could claim 'street credit' for the war in the Caucasus between Russia and Georgia. It is so sad, however. A moment of prayer for those dead, dying and who will die.

Recall April 2008 forecasts from OpScimitar after-action analysis (and, re Wizard, our Blue Cell/Red Cell meeting in game room in June): 1) On or around 8.8.08. 2) Affects major markets and leads to a) General fall of them; b) Strengthens ultimately Chinese Reminbi to a 4 to $1 by end of 3rd Qtr; b) Significant gain for Asian/petro-dollar sovereign wealth fund. 3) If Russia was involved in any way generally this year in ANY military hostilties, it would be: a) Allowed by a secret agreement between Bush Administartion and Russia Gov. for the US to NOT intervene and give Russia a freer reign in their 'near abroad; and b) focus on a warm-water port access (we thought on Indian Ocean, but Georgia on Black Sea fits the general parameters); and c) Give the US/Nato an open-pass to go to war with Iran. 4) Be part of a US grand strategy to detach Russia from Shanghai Cooperative Organization and a separation from its de jure unofficial alliance with People's Republic of China, with the goal of destroying the SCO completely. NOTE: This is NOT the 1995 or the May 2008 forecast of a conventional/nuclear decapiation strike against Russia by US/Nato, which we expected at June Blue/Red Cell conference for mid 2010 thru late 2011. 5) The ultimate control of the Caspian Oil Basin (in particular Kagesh. in Kazakstan) by US/Nato.

Other future predictions/forecast/possibilities that might bear expecting: 1) The OpScimitar related Hijaz/Mecca/Medinah (Saudi Arabia's western rim) Al-Qaeda 'sleeper' uprising that spreads across the Arabian peninusla and the Horn of Africa. 2) The 'Islamic' revolution in Egypt. 3) The deployment of EU/non-US Nato/UN/and/African Union 'peacekeeping' deployments to Suez/Siani, Aden, and Sudan/Darfur. (Note: The Zimbabwean peacekeeping mission by the AU?Commonwealth, examined as a replacement 'location' from June anaylsis that fit the OpScim model, is still valid). 4) The stable front around Israel re Syria and Jordan (still don't know about Lebanon's possibilitie). 5) The Iranian/or AQ mining of the Red Sea and Straights of Aden/Yemen, and the Iranian mining of Persian Gulf's Straights of Hormuz. (These minings of SLOCs might be 'real' or US 'manufactured false-flag, but either Iran, on imminent war, Iran goes ahead even before the hostilities begin).

It is our new thought that the war with Iran is high-high probability between now and circa Oct. 15th/20th.

All of this info is bona fide, true as to date and timing of Club Project 6 predictions and forecasts and affadavits/source material can be readily produced.

Let me say this: What is going on is murder for profit with the goal of a slavery for the world's population. That's all we'll say for now about that.

Tragic as it is, we HATE being right or mostly accurate in The Cepia Club. This is an appeal to anyone who loves life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The Cepia Club 'does' stuff. We're struggling in finances, as we always have and always will. We have not broadcast an urgent appeal like this: But as you can tell, something serious is going on according to our correct forecasts since 1995. If this info scares you, we apologize.

But please, we need all sorts of support to continue our work. Those who understand what our 'secret' is--peace, prosperity, liberty and freedom-- visit our website, join as an associated member, buy our stuff, trade/barter, or generally help. We apologize, but the world is going in a wrong direction; we are working on our individual/community solutions for it by building a future peace one person, one community at a time.

Please email, call or smail if you question, want to buy something, become a closed or open profile Associated Member, or give us a 'free-will' measure of support.


Tim Krenz


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