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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Clubhouse Now Open

As some of you have heard, the reorganized The Cepia Club LLC has moved into a new “Clubhouse." (Join for details on location, hours, contact info, etc.)

We have the beginnings of a consignment store to support the dreaded “fixed expenses,” my new most un-favorite words. Right now I’m selling off some of my used and good condition-used “dukedom’s” prized library (see “The Tempest” by Billy Shkspr) of some good classics, sci-fi and fantasy, obscure and out of print political philosophy, and “important” history. Holy Creations is selling their extra virgin and organic olive oil and olive wood hand carved items from the Holy Land. They offer these all in order to encourage peace via free-market commerce between Israel and Palestine, mostly by giving farmers, coops, craft and other entrepreneur’s in the occupied and impoverished territories JOBS and a better life. Soon, some bands plan on bringing cds, shirts, stickers, etc. And finally, local writer’s (and hopefully other artists) will have their publications for sale. Other consignment articles of a “Club spirit” might also be added.

The second part of the store is a multi-media center, for both publishing and PiK. Media, the Club’s broadcasting enterprise. We are revamping the newsletter into a grass roots awareness and activism policy journal–for global e-distribution, and we shall focus improving our own “Firing Line”-type free-minds and free-markets web television show, Freedom Affairs. As far as the other broadcasting, including Club Rebelvision and Club Radio Free World, the Club invites people tell us their ideas that we might consider executive producing, financing, or broadcasting. [In the meantime, we are finishing extra filming for the “Writing in Amery, USA” documentary film].

Most of all, the Clubhouse is a Clubhouse: A good place to come and hang out, meet people, engage in meaningful, intelligent dialogue with other open-minded people. I have loaned some of my archive political and current events periodicals and reference books so that people can find out WHAT THE HECK IS GOING WRONG WITH THE WORLD. I hope people use them. We are starting to market an Associated Profile Program (for sale, trade or barter) for people out to make a serious enterprise, but for all of our grass-roots groove friends who want to share a community fellowship atmosphere, we also believe in mutual cooperation for the benefit of everyone. In other words, there is no requirement to use the hang-out space except peace, tolerance, honesty, and good-will toward everyone else.

So, come on in and check us out. The coffee is usually hot, loitering with good intent is welcome, and no one is obligated to buy a damn thing!! (May be you will, but who knows?)

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