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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

On Iran, War, and Libertarian Internationalism

The current tension and looming war between the United States and Iran poses danger for America. Unofficially at war with Iran for 27 years, US policy choices today are difficult unless it approaches all problems at once with sweeping and revolutionary Libertarian Internationalism.
Even if Iran actively supports the insurgency in Iraq, the US could risk upsetting every fragile balance of power and interest with every major power in the world. The US would find limited or no support for attacking Iran from NATO or Japan. Russia, protector and arms supplier of Iran, would reenter the world struggle for power in direct opposition to US interests and again become a dangerous threat. War with Iran would mostly benefit one country: China. China would be propelled closer to world superpower as the US would face unplanned military and economic cost, bordering on security and financial collapse, if it attacked Iran, like the unexpected cost experienced in the Iraq conflict. Iraq was isolated and weak. Iran advances toward its greatest position of power and capabilities under the Islamic republic.
War with Iran, the number one state sponsor of global terrorism, would unleash its legions of terr cells against American security and economic interest in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and even in the United States (Beginning in the spring of 2006 on-line sources reported evidence of Iran infiltrating terror cells into America across the border with Mexico). Iran’s military would pose serious resistance to America’s attack in the Persian Gulf and especially in Iraq. Furthermore, Iran would direct its most crippling attacks on America’s most vulnerable centers of gravity–the society, cyberspace, financial markets, and US armed forces in the Persian Gulf with perhaps chemical and biological weapons. (Mass destructive weapons were used as the excuse to invade Iraq in 2003. Nothing is said of the real and confirmed weapons possessed by Iran. They would be seen as an argument of not attacking). As long as the US remains unprepared and engaged in Iraq, war with Iran is not a good option at present.
The “fog of war” always clouds the future. The Administration was wrong about Iraq. To deal with the unexpected and unrecognized dangers of war with Iran, the US could fight Iran only imposing a state of emergency inside the US, arriving at the military/totalitarian destination toward which America has been moving 9/11/2001. Emergency plans are always ready, just in case. The US Government has planned for such contingencies since the 1950s. Under an emergency, elections will not be held, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are nullified, and freedom ends.
Any form of Iranian aggression must be stopped, and the world should never appease Iran’s political and military ambitions for conquest or nuclear weapons. What are the options?
As mentioned, Libertarian Internationalism (LI), developed by The Cepia Club, could change the world. In LI, the US abandons the political and military manipulation of other nations, continued after the end of the Cold War for lack of wisdom. Instead, LI undermines all political radicals and religious extremist by championing the common people and giving them what all people–Christians and Muslims, and people of all colors and class–want: true liberty. The US can set the world toward stability by advocating individual liberty, economic opportunity, institutional security, and community development. Libertarian Internationalism is the default to freedom; liberty works everywhere people fight to get it and protect it. People around the world and in Iran will abandon support for terrorists if given something better like freedom. The people of the world are looking for liberty. Lead them to it and there is victory, without the slaughter and destruction of war. It is not Utopian to believe that people want freedom. Liberty is not the ability to oppress the safety of others. It is the acceptance of the rights to freedom for everyone. With people freed from ignorance, actions lead to peace.


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