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Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Modern Crisis

There is a crisis in America. It is a crisis distributed within and without as it reaps its destructive blade throughout all the political, economic, social, and cultural pillars of civilization. In America, it equally affects us at home (in the very hearth) and abroad. This is not a building storm over taxes or immigrants, war or weapons of cataclysm. These are merely the symptoms of the larger disease which is spreading through the national body due to the ignorance and apathy of the virus. This disease, this plague, is sickening America to the core. This crisis is eating away the beliefs, values, purpose, and the very destiny of the United States of America.
The crisis is no less than America’s abandonment of the principles of liberty, freedom, justice and peace, indeed the very things America thinks itself to practice; the things America has taken for granted as her nature. This crisis is partly the result of forgetfulness. The country has forgotten how it started in the age of absolutism, why it existed for so long as it does, what it had become to other people looking into it, who American’s really are at their core self, and where the country wants to go from here. The crisis in America is one of unimaginative thinking and unprincipled action. The crisis has come from small-minded people thinking and acting too narrowly for far too long at the center of power. The crisis is perpetuated by a closed-minded self-centeredness on the part of the legitimate power in America–that power being the very same American citizens who surrendered the decisions and swore off positive action to take back their power.
The crisis created by the surrender of liberty, monopolization of freedom, perpetuating injustices, and institutionalizing privilege threatens to destroy the foundations of America civilization–the political system, the economic prosperity, the societal norms, and her cultural unity. If the American people can reclaim their god-given liberty, expand possibilities, practice equality before the bar of humanity, and foster service to the greater fellowship, then the American people can save itself and the entire world from a future of oppression, impoverishment, conflict, and elitism. All Americans citizens–natural and foreign born–must assert their testament of natural rights under any understanding of creation to an independent, prosperous, safe way of life. Future generations countrymen and women beg them to know what is wrong and to fix it. The future of the entire world is waiting for their leadership toward a permanent solution. The fate of every individual, family, and community in all the nations need American’s to accept responsibility, stand above the achievements of past laurels, and make the decisive contribution to solve ominous dangers shadowing the future.
America’s challenge, the challenge to its people, is to look inward for the courage to see themselves in the present pale light of fate; to envision a place not far distant where every man, woman, and child lives above the minimum sustenance; to travel to a better world free of fear; to overcome differences and cooperate in a spirit befitting the green and blue beauty of this creation. The insight, the vision, the journey, the struggle, are fused into the only path the people of the entire world have not followed, one of self-awareness, abundance, security people and attachment, the values of god’s earth and people.
The world is now at a time of war, conglomeration, tyranny (subtle even in America, but tyranny nonetheless), and division. What is needed to reverse this momentum toward a dark world is to restore the human spirit to faith in itself. This is not an ideology. No party has a platform large enough to hold a program that could do this. This solution cannot be bought. No treasury is large enough to pay for it. It cannot be forced onto others. People must chose it freely of their own will or it has no lasting binds. It will never be self-willed. The solution must arrive from a consensus, a conscience of all concerned.
Since the crisis is a lack of perspective, the solution is one of personal philosophy, of world-view. The way out of the dark cloud overhanging the world begins with a philosophy of the relative position of self, truth, skepticism, and faith. The solution requires discipline of mind, sharing of interests, evaluation of process, and shared trust. The crisis can only be solved, the future can only be saved when each individual decides and acts to accept the dictates of reason in their lives in the service of a larger community interest.
America and its people must be the leaders of this movement of a kind of libertarianism offered openly to all people. It is an internationalism beyond patriotism because only the best interests of the world truly helps the United States of America. The partisan has no more leave to lead now that partisanship for all time has shown incompetence, greed, destruction, and conflict. America must remain for itself a truly sovereign choice in all its affairs, a place of economic opportunity, the guarantor of the common safety for all within and without, the connection between people and their best natures.
Sovereign choice at all levels of civilization, beginning with the individual, extends through families, between nations, and among the communities that form them. economic opportunity for all people attains their needs and wants in the free-market of competitive enterprise and commerce. The common safety of all people from fears, threats, wars, conflicts, violence, and violation is the duty of everyone to protect. Connected communities of every diverse type, style, size and shade fosters toleration, respect, and harmony, in the interest of everyone. These things make up the foundation of this new world-view. These are the ideals people need to expect and demand for themselves, but also grant to all others in order to receive them. These ideals are the standards by which America should be judged on its internal and international actions. These are principles with which the world can surpass petty biases and genocidal feuds and free itself from want and intolerance.
In this libertarian internationalism, there is a way for people to imagine, to strive; to reason, and to act. This philosophy can spread, one person at a moment. It can be shared with a person’s family. It can be a new basis for foreign relations, and for domestic strength. Ask yourself: “Can I see this as a good thing? Is it worthy of myself to give some notice, some minute act contributing to the future described here?” If the answer is “yes” to both, you are one more person working on the solution. It all starts with you. Take it as far as it will go and effects will multiply. What have you got to lose by trying? Everything if you don’t! The future is ours if you do something.


  • At 12:51 PM , Blogger Smitty said...

    T - you nailed it like the Karate Kid.

    We Americans have gotten fat and lazy at the trough of freedom. We've so much freedom we take it for granted. We think it is free. We must pay back our ancestors for the gifts they've given us. How can we do that? Well, we ain't going to find a gift for them in Wal-Mart. I think we all can find ways - we know in our hearts if our actions are good or are driven by self-satisfaction.

    And we must take back our future from those who would collect it for their own greedy uses. T's got it right, peeps. Holla if you got a voice. Let them hear you!


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