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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Club Report-Nov. 19, 2006--T.V., L.I. and Website

When the Strategy Gazette was released two weeks ago yesterday, focused shifted here at The Cepia Club into manic-mode. The last Clublog posting was done one weeks ago tomorow. The focused then shifted from the blog to other things. Now, here’s our report.

Issue #7 of Freed-zine America, was produced and published last week. It is on the “FairTax” proposal, which I favor as a fair, just and equitable means of Federal tax reform. The front page of the ‘zine has a great quote from Alexander Hamilton on the benefits of consumption taxes.

On Nov. 9th, I was interviewed on the PowerNews program in Hudson, WI, talking about world offensive disarmament and pitching my ideas on “libertarian internationalism.” The cable television appearance prompted me to think more about what I mean by L.I. I have since reduced it to four “21st Century Wilsonian” principles: sovereignty, from the individual up; economic opportunity; common security (not defensive disarmament: NO! NEVER!), and connectivity, to other people, within communities, between peoples and nations, etc. I will be writing more about these four principles of libertarian internationalism. I have already begun to compile old drafts on this topic to make one “mother of all political papers.”

Over the past ten days I have been doing the updating of the website, . It is no longer under procrastination. Many pages are done and linked to things. Some pages are under construction and the text is being revised and reviewed by the Club Brain Trust. The SCVL page and the site map will be the last pages uploaded. The home page now has at the bottom the Club’s “Four Commitments.” Check them out.

As some may have noticed, the TV web page is now open for limited business. Right now all we have are downloads, including a 290 MB file containing Freedom Affairs Episode 1. As soon as I can get a programmer to show me how, I will be installing a media player on the TV web page and it will stream video. I am very excited. This has been in the Club 21 business plan since June and we are ahead of schedule. I hope to have the video stream going by Thanksgiving Day on Nov. 23rd. I am now moving onto doing video projects that have been resting on the closet shelf. I am still experimenting with video converters, capture devices and editors, finishing, uploading, etc. Broadcasting is sure to be a great enterprise for the Club.

Now, that we have p.r./media relations experience, contacts, and resources, and especially now that the publishing enterprise is taking off well, it was time to work on broadcasting. Throughout we have focused on our CepiaNet building while keeping up to speed on the other projects.

Finally, Club Friend Jen M. is helping me with marketing the website. We know we will benefit from her knowledge and experience in helping attract both commerce and users of the Club public resources.


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