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Saturday, December 03, 2022

Dancing Smile--My Memory of Kathie (Sather) Cabreanna


By Pi Kielty

November 29, 2022

Dancing Smile”

—For Kathie, dear Friend,

When Kathie smiled our sunshine rose.

Her beaming brought us rays of gold.

As she glided to near our way,

We felt the warmth of graceful sway.

She embraced our friendship closer.

We felt welcomed when beside her.

She spoke the songs of joyful living.

No words of doubt could stop our singing.

Kathie moved in simple dancing.

Unshaken, hopeful, steps beginning.

Slender, of golden hair that glistened;

Those wholesome eyes that looked and listened.

She rose near dusk, in light her life,

And we left dark and in our strife.

There she must dance and we here stay.

Let Kathie’s smile shine hearts this day.