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Friday, November 18, 2022

Success, Momentum, and Initiative... Keep It Going!


LPWIre article submission

By Tim Krenz

November 17, 2022

Success, Momentum, and Initiative... Keep It Going!

By Tim Krenz,

(The views expressed belong to the author, and do not necessarily represent the policy of the LPWI)

We have cause to celebrate in the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin! Although we had only three candidates this past mid-term election, all three achieved incredible success. First, an assembly candidate, Carl Hutton, took 23% of the vote, with 3300 ballots cast for him and libertarianism. Second, Jacob VandenPlas, in a hard-working effort, collected 10.5% of the vote—over 32,000 people who voted for him in one district, in the 8th US Congressional race. The percentage itself approaches Ed Thompson numbers in a race all but discounted by the two-party overlords. As Jacob would point out, his campaign made new connections with heretofore unreachable constituencies, namely labor unions and tribal nations. His efforts, and the Libertarian message, worked with them and with others! He did the work.

And for the third reason for the LPWI to celebrate? Neil Harmon’s 2.07% of the state-wide vote—54,000 voters—in his four way Secretary of State campaign will prove huge to the future. For the icing on that cake, Neil’s totals exceeded 1%, the minimum needed to gain the LPWI ballot access status for 2024. We can now put our Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates on the Wisconsin ballot without the need for thousands of signatures. From my 30 year experience in the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin, we have had both successes and failures with ballot access status. Gaining it, and keeping it, while seemingly minor, nonetheless takes effort—a LOT of effort! It hurts the Party when we do not have it, and at times we have not maintained it. Thank Neil, especially, for the effort in his race! Thank all three candidates for going out and doing the hard work to represent the Party!

With this election behind us, and elections ahead, we can enjoy and celebrate the measured success of 2022, and start our planning for work in 2023 to build on that momentum. The votes gained, the new connections made, and with more of the public seemingly wanting us to win but to earn their vote, we can move ahead. Sometimes, people and organizations have to make their own luck. Yet, hard work builds its own luck, at the start. Sometimes, though, seizing an initiative becomes mandatory. We must use 2022 as the starting point for more success in the 2024 elections. The hard work necessary comes in the traditional four keys needed for a winning political party. Those keys: recruiting membership, organizing affiliates, raising money, and running campaigns. Do a lot of all of these keys, and we can implement our platform by winning. Think ahead, act united, focus on the goals, and look the part, as we get ready for 2024.

Between now and then, opportunities abound in 2023. Local races, partisan and non-partisan, give LPWI members and supporters (i.e. future members) campaign and office holding experience. In 2024, in a general election, we have the biggest opportunities yet. The times demand what we as party offer to the people: protecting their freedom and liberty. First, in 2024, a US Senate race (Baldwin’s seat) gives a Libertarian candidate a decisive role to compete and win in a three way, Federal, and state-wide race. Second, we have a chance, not a forlorn hope, to send our electors to cast ballots for President and Vice President of the United States. We have nothing to lose by trying. And third, all the Federal, State and local offices need Libertarian candidates. If they will not come to us, we must go in search of them. Again, we have nothing to lose by trying.

Now, let’s follow 2022 with two years of work: To recruit, organize, raise, and run! Seize the moment, for the right time does not last.