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Saturday, November 07, 2020

Leaves By Pi Kielty



By Pi Kielty (Posthumously)

Found: November 7, 2020

Copyright © 2020 CEPIA Club LLC

For my spirit brother, J.D. Schloss, and his girlfriend, Lisa:

Thank you for all the help, and for your tolerance and patience;

and for all of your honest, loving friendship.


By Pi Kielty


November 7, 2020

I sit on grass and look at trees, they in Autumned range, orange, red, yellow, and some greens. Above my valley, I humble still, scorched by solitude, but sunbeams thrill. The air grasps clear, the sky, sky-clean, a blue with whites awaiting the god unseen. I dwell.

My thoughts deflame, soon serene calms, I pray for his holy peaceful balm. I fail. Then, I shun that morose, that my heart would ail. A breeze whisps from behind, through me, my way, shimmers colors, a'sway the trees, but those leaves do stay. I do now see god waving, those leaves his hands, calling me, my spirit stands.

Those fingers of god rest my mind, my turmoil sated, my heart unbinds. These colors of life, I now hear the call, in the wind's wattle, of those leaves of fall. Deepened reds, some orange burns, some yellow soft, the greens still yearn.

When I wondered, “Nothing more?” the wind recedes, and I know my peace. In this valley, the curve, the depth, I see leaves—red-red, a green, yellow suns, and orange, above them blue and cloud frames adorn.

God's words in breathful breeze, his wisdom spoke in rustling leaves, his brightness clear love, in old trees, of knotty oak, sweet maple, tall elm, and birch. . . . I seize. My word to the world my hopeful plea,

“Come, sit my hill. Won't you watch the leaves with me?”


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