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Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Cepiaclub Directory Report-March 21, 2018

Cepiaclub Directory Report
By Tim Krenz, Director
For Ubet Gazette
March 21, 2018

The Cepiaclub Directory, the managing committee, held a meeting of principal members on February 24th, the first quarterly meeting of 2018. Four attended.

Our meeting began with a discussion of my director role as executive agent, and in my capacity as the single owner and manager of the legal entity, The Cepia Club LLC. The Directory, having served mainly as an advisory body until now, will continue to seek the near-unanimous consensus on substantive issues, with the director maintaining a firm veto power on any decisions. The director's veto ensures compliance with the legal requirements of the business and to prevent liability infractions for those acting on behalf of the legal entity or Cepiaclub in general. In addition to its advisory capacity, the full directory and others helping it, will gradually become more operative and representative agents in the management and activities of the entire Cepiaclub organization from here forward.

--Organizational Goals

We next looked at the modus vivendi of Cepiaclub, and we reexamined our end state analysis as presented last year, the arrangement that should unite us all in the common endeavor. In the analysis, we reaffirmed the ultimate goals of Cepiaclub's program, the reason why we deem “Connecting people. . . with community media” so important. Those ultimate goals we base on the “Four Freedoms,” famously delivered by President Franklin D. Roosevelt eleven months prior to America's entry in to the Second World War. Those freedoms, enshrined in the memory of that generation, stand the test of time and humanity. We read that all peoples of the earth should forever ought to have: “Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Worship; Freedom from Fear and Freedom from Want.” Later, these freedoms found their incorporation into the Atlantic Charter and into the declaration of the United Nations Alliance that defeated the Nazis, fascist, and militarist in the Second World War.

We, as the Directory, believes that as all democracy struggles to maintain these freedoms universally, that those Four Freedoms succinctly represent that for which Cepiaclub fights peacefully in its grand effort—to preserve or implement them for all time. Without those goals, no society can claim a moral obligation over any matter of person or state of self-governance.

Cepiaclub adheres to its core commitment to protect the unending existence of true democratic systems of government, under any form of constitution, whereby citizens anywhere maintain the choices to determine, collectively or individually, how they shall govern themselves. Some may question the commitment to democracy, and its efficiency, as a core function of our organization. However, the Directory believes it can find and support no other means of institutional coherence that fulfills a practical way for people to live together, and voluntarily enjoy the fruits of peace and labor.

--Organizational Status of Cepiaglobal

The Cepiaglobal Associated Membership Program, the method by which we accept subscribers into our organization, came under extensive discussion. Currently at 34 of the premium subscribers, Cepiaglobal as a program has built a powerful and supportive base. With the various projects of the past 10 years since we initiated it, we have successfully tested its potential and the fellowship's capacity to function. While some projects had ad hoc work groups, other projects have continued with these individuals.

With Cepiaglobal, we aim at an activist core of associated members aiming toward the common goals, as expressed in our effort to preserve and advance the Four Freedoms. Keeping in mind the organization's need to keep the activist interested and productive, and give meaning for their own individual causes and our collective good, we approach this next step in the growth of Cepiaclub and the activity of Cepiaglobal from several directions.

First, we would like to ask Cepiaglobal subscribers, and others interested in becoming such associates, some questions: How do you want to participate in Cepiaclub? How can we assist the specific acts of participation? What volunteer opportunities on your own initiative, outside of Cepiaclub, would you like to do? What do you want to do, more specifically as an activist in an individual and independent mission in your community? What assistance would the Cepiaglobal subscribers need from other individual associates in our activist fellowship to accomplish their missions?

Second, with these simple questions in mind, Cepiaclub will host a Cepiaglobal meeting, or mini-conference, Friday, June 15th, starting at 7 PM, at the historic Folsom House, in Taylors Falls, MN (directly across the river from St. Croix Falls, WI). At this “meet and greet” and informal occasion, we invite Cepiaglobal associates and invited guests to bring their ideas, copies of their business cards, resumes, outlines, or activist briefs, or other relevant material, to share at our rather social and relaxed function.

While we will have a limited program that evening, outlining how “connecting people. . .with community media,” works toward our end state goals, most of this occasion on June 15th will simply focus on knowing and hearing, and understanding and listening—to each other. We will discuss, in depth, the questions from the previous paragraph, to discover how we can more effectively work as a group and individually—in our community that ends public ignorance and apathy. (Non-subscribers who wish attend should use the contact form for Cepiaclub at to reserve credentials, or directly contact me).

--Other Business

As the Directory moved forward, we reviewed the website and determined some improvements for easier and better use of the “hive site.” We also discussed the need for a social media facilitator, with action pending on this item. In looking at our publishing enterprise the past year, we felt very happy with the publication of five issues (4 issues alone in the first volume collection) of our NormalcyMag. It has received great enthusiasm from readers and critical commentators. Also, we felt okay with the two issues of Strategikon done so far. Finally, we hope the new updated versions of Ubet Gazette will improve over time.

We also hope that the current 34 associates in the Cepiaglobal subscription all renew dues in 2018, by either monetary payment or trade in-kind. We discussed using our ambition to renew audio-visual productions as a promotional means to attract more followers into the general CepiaclubNet and into the Cepiaglobal Associate Membership Program. In 2018, The Cepia Club LLC will move ahead on a coupon release. (See more on this coupon matter in future issues of Ubet Gazette). Finally, the Directory reviewed the need to expand, refine, and clean the broader CepiaclubNet information system, a data based names and organizations of those interested in our free publications and bulletins. Cepiaclub does not, I feel, serve exclusively the interest of only dues paying subscribers, but of the larger population. Therefore, the more widespread we can post our free things, like NormalcyMag, the more outreach we can accomplish toward our end state goals—The Four Freedoms.

The Cepia Club had a great year in 2017 and a great start in 2018. We will continue to work hard the rest of this year in the noble venture to empower people to remain free in their choices and conscience, and to live free in peace and prosperity.


Tim Krenz
The Cepia Club LLC


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