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The Cepia Club Blog: The Cepia Club believes individual awareness and activism can lead to a peaceful and prosperous world. This blog contains the pertinent literature, both creative and non-fiction, produced by the Cepiaclub Director and its associates.

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Welcome to Cepiaclub 2017

The Cepia Club LLC Description

The Cepia Club LLC, a community-based media company located in the St. Croix Valley of Western Wisconsin, provides media services and products to customers, clients, enterprises, and the public. Since its foundation as a limited liability company in December of 2007, Cepiaclub uses the access and resources of the world-wide web for both its own operations and to connect globally, The Cepia Club's core function seeks to both inform and empower others with clear, feasible options to reduce larger, even global problems, into smaller, manageable, local—even individual—solutions, whenever possible.

Through regular e- and hard-copy publications of Freedom Scene America!, Strategikon, and Normalcy Magazine, and special books, articles, and pamphlets, The Cepia Club's unique look at politics, economics, society, and culture, give handy, accessible guides to activism for any person, inside or outside the mainstream of America.

Freedom Scene America!, a short handbill publication for the CepiaNet and the general public, gives updates and news about our business and its operations. Strategikon, for invited readers and the Cepiaglobal Associated Membership Program, offers inside information on the latest public and private policies, etc. that impact readers, and how Cepiaglobal can influence them.

Normalcy Magazine, a free and advertiser-supported public document, lets global readers the insights and impacts of groundbreaking ideas and events, through essay, story, poetry, and other creative arts. Normalcy Magazine will challenge readers to think about the world, ask questions, and help those readers work toward the new normal they would like to see in their lives and in the world around them.

The Cepia Club LLC also produces modest broadcast programs and special features for either the discerning viewer or those inclined to lighter entertainment. Found on our Pikzl Vision T.V. Station, programs like the community news maker interviews on Freedom Affairs, or Cepia Community News, bring the same ideas and solutions to the viewers in a community-oriented format. Other presentations, including documentary, drama, music, sports, let viewers connect with community media.

Finally, as a supporter of a world connected to itself in a meaningful and valued relationship between people, The Cepia Club also provides resources, management, training, and helpful guidelines for others around the globe to help them and their community connect to each other in the spirit of a free idea, freely shared, for a peaceful and prosperous present and future.


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