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Thursday, November 03, 2016

Redemption Pory Psalm

Redemption Pory Psalm
From Alphabet Psalms
By Pi Kielty (Posthumously)

Found: October 28, 2016

Timeless thought to redeem, God knew idle rest. Its awful dark pleased Him less. He drew his brow, with hand across, It, He divided. And He blessed it best. He tossed the light. It flickered then burned, then firmament from water, the land, His deed unspurned. Creating life full, no strifeful mirth, He created a heavenly place for earth. For one Godly blow, He made by Man's seed sown, yet loneliness perplexed the time future unknown.

He made Woman from the rib of the first one He'd done, then Adam and Eve joyed frolicking fun. The tree, the Knowledged hedge, eat not the fruit, He said. Temptering unspirit caused Eve to dare. And Adam ate, then sinwards they'd stared. Cast from paradise, moved on they roamed, growing fruit, on fruitless loam. The hard world began, ending that creation, now a harsh home, for their lonely, hopeless station.

Far the future, the angel did sing, “Thou with child,” that marriage unringed. “Immaculately conceived. To free from that sin, you must truly believe, Your redemption begins.” Then He came born, and an Empire fell, on the cross He gave all, rising from hell. He saved by cross, one made old, old laws to hear, a new Law, God told. Redemption, He owns, our souls in spell. Back to that garden. . . This time done well.


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