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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Peace Pory Psalm

Peace Pory Psalm
From: Alphabet Psalms
By Pi Kielty (Posthumously)
Found: October 30, 2016

“Peace-Peace!”, to its makers. “Peace-Peace! Joy. . .praise. HOPE,” the taker of war's harrows spoke.

Peace-Peace!, comes a'las, bonding our faith, His garlands cast. An olive'd gift, none a sword—smite despair with soft fronds. The sad parts away, fast, beyond. Flocks hymn, hosted blast, a quiet holy, godly song.

Peace-Peace!, unto us, and our earthly kin. Never more our mortals war, for battles score deaths to win. No more tears, none for the dead. We wrong us poorly when blood we shed. His life, only, no hurt frowned. God saved our world. Earth rainbow crowned.

Peace-Peace!,without end, ever-and-all. He and we ascend, from the tomb's hell bleak, dark hall. He reclaims us, restoring. “Forever life,” this quiet morning. Our minds now know God's fair warning. “New wars, no more,” He answered our call. In full, He forgives our first garden's fall.

. . . The cannon go silent. . . . The second garden grows over them.


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