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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Sadnight Pory Psalm

Sadnight Pory Psalm
From: Alphabet Pslams
By Pi Kielty (posthumously)

October 25, 2016

No man, nor flower, nor bird, no beast, not gathered by sun, nor 'pon garden's feast. God casted out, forever, the dark, the dim, and a glum, of a no where, nothing, no frolic, nor fun. Before a morning passed, God's hammered command sparked a light to blast. Warm life did swarm, and soon in distress. He bestowed one a likeness, the other his breast. Banning the void, He also left Night, leaving it dark, to fearful hiding, an unknow'd fright.

Time went. And the days did find and still eyes could see, yet Night aged, blind. And, too, grew old—lonely. It tolled darkest, the hummed tones chimed. Did ever God say, “Call Night never blessed, only matter, nor MINE”?

Unlighted, pale of dark, evenings creatures teemed. No smiles seen, in Night's lightless means. Night can only dream . . . of Creation. Day not daunted, it flees Night's 'vitation; day's settings timed and done. Always night left behind, a union unwon. Sad the Night remained. . . unwanted, . . . unloved. . . and awaited the joys of God's only shining Son.