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Friday, September 23, 2016


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By Pi Kielty--(p-)

September 23, 2016

Breathless best when fresh, we view, clean mountain streams; clasp airy dew. A morning's moonrays, the morrow's wave, coming sunlit glean, can thank the god—we forgave—for the way we trod; fair winds he saved. The beaming stars, their smiling ways, gave lights we roam'd our youthful days. They guide us well to near our homes, once done wand'ring far harder loam. Time so spent, late dearly best, with friends for merry evening rest. Take our gift, our ageless breath; share our hope so winds stay blessed. Live our times, hear our best, the sublimned breeze our lives do share, with hearts a'thriving. We live. We dared.

Heavy storm some moment comes. We despair waits of many ones. Our breathing fails our weary lungs, with weighty fears that crush insides, time-shorn gasps do frail all rhymes.

Could we, though, see our mountain streams, grasp breathful winds in moon day dreams, let all we here, tell heartful core, pray godful times, let us breathe you—More.