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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Hollyhock Winter Pory Swoon

Published February 5, 2013 From: The Lost Papers of Pi Kielty By (Posthumously): Pi Kielty Hollyhock Winter Pory Swoon Inching one picture glass and windowless view, holly-bush-hocks blooming late, a-spined veins in summers deep vain pink bloom, they wither over end, fallowing the autumnal cool. The farm's ranch house wall clears, trimmed to my sad inner window outward, a real garden yard world, brown, brown, picked and prickly, stored or consumed. Glassen look, though un-shattered, taken now void, a soundful wind, crystallyne night in icy gloom, remembering pale death, for colorless buds whited seed, exchanged to winter's dooms. Chill-paid dues in February fields with frigid Wisconsin driftened flats, those flying night dunes, do pawn my time for a hollyhock soon. Holler prayer, praising future vibrance to rejoin, color my light red window south true, and relove the favored flowers, and a garden full at season's noon.


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