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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Finding the Common Ground

Sub Terra Vita
By Scipio Cepiacanus
April 10, 2010—3:54 PM.

Finding the Common Ground

WIBA-Madison/Milwaukee radio host,, Vicki McKenna, just gave our Libertarian Party convention a great pep talk trying to have a good dialogue between opposing view points. When I talked to her in private before her speech over a soda water and soda pop in the lounge, Ms. McKenna and I took the identical position that each side in a debate has its fanatics that just cannot discuss matters affecting our common interest with humane respect. Indeed, even if someone might not connect on another person's political views or convictions, or even their religious beliefs, what is the harm of a great many people sitting down to have a cup of coffee over a butterscotch muffin. It is all about finding what makes us the same in the great concerns that makes “good” neighbors.

We are all trying to fight internal emptiness and loneliness and the fear of death and suffering of those we love and for them we belief we cannot survive if they were gone. In our private discussion over the soda and my cigarettes, Ms. McKenna is a kindred spirit to what I believe is essential for building a better neighborhood, a richer community, a more prosperous people, and perhaps a more peaceful world: Finding out that we are more similar than different; and that at least in logic, reason, fact-based dialogue, and respect for our persons AND any unreconciled opposing viewpoints.

Where is the dialogue and the “community issues” dinner table where we live—the home place around us at a moment in time? Unless we find that willingness as an entire humanity, we really are in trouble. But if we can suspend our disbelief and suspicion of each other, and finally sit at the great dinner table of the common ground in the common place, we as a humanity might not save all that we could lose anyway, but we can help each person, friend, neighbor or stranger find their path to what they really want to do and be: LIVE BETTER LIVES; and treat each other as we would want to be treated.



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