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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Solicited Letter to the Editor

Dear editor,
June 9, 2008
This is an election year. America can elect a new president, Congress, and state offices. Of course, every two and four years the people have this opportunity. The United States Constitution provides this means of exercising the people’s right to choose their leaders on such regular basis, and the Constitution and the laws formed under it make it expressly clear that all public government structures must be based on the republican model (not “Republican” party) of representatives chosen by a democratic process (not “Democratic” party).
How many of your readers understand the distinction between a “republic” form of government and a “democratic” process, as opposed to the Republican and Democratic parties?
And that is not all. Our country was not–in any measure–settled in the 17th and 18th century, nor established in the latter part of the 18th, as a Christian country. However, that is the propaganda of those who would strip individuals of the freedom of conscience to practice a religion of their choice, or choose to not so practice any. Any conservative who would dispute this fact will only show their ignorance of history, or their lack of formal education. Neither, on the other hand, was the United States established in 1776 as an independent and sovereign nation only to surrender family prosperity to anyone (citizens or otherwise, or foreign peoples) who hasn’t earned or paid for it through tax theft on personal real or other property. Any liberal who asserts the contrary this is lost in the sub-real of their own arrogance.
How many people know these facts? Or even have sufficient wisdom and knowledge to dispute them?
America was founded as an “empire of liberty,” according to Thomas Jefferson. Liberty is the right to live and let live. It’s underlying mantra is “don’t spend my tax money foolishly and stay out of my house.” We always had plenty of time, land, resources, and willing immigrants to develop and grow into a nation under the true principles, “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” written into our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, as amended. Here is an interesting question for you: How many people who rarely exercise the franchise to vote even know that the Bill of Rights are the first ten amendments to the Constitution? Instead of an empire of liberty, where people have the right to refuse to choose any lawful option, time, political corruption, and the quickened life of our citizens surrendered the sovereignty, the rule, of We the People to “legal” immoralities of ignorance and apathy. People don’t want to know and they don’t care.
In an election, it is easy to pick up on the flashy words, the sound and image bytes, to play the willing role of a dumbed-down democracy and an empire for the extreme upper class “nobility” controlling the money and the best education “money can buy,” (and dodging wars when young, but waging it when in office). Benjamin Franklin warned us for all time that we have a free country under the rule of law applied equally to all, if we can keep it.
Are we willing to keep our liberty, our freedom, any justice at all, and our spirit by informing ourselves at our own initiative, realizing how smart we really can be to see the trend toward a empire without liberty under the will of the FEW people?
The stakes demand tougher questions to authority, learning beyond our present short-term comfort, and then, most important of all, acting in our community in any peaceful means to overthrow the tyranny over our minds in the name of saving the republic and our democracy.
Tim Krenz


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