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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Future of America in the “War for the Present Future”

The responsibility for the “War for the Present Future’ in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere in the globe have been abandoned BOTH by the Bush Administration AND CONGRESS. There have been clear statements and flagrant hints that resolution of matters of war and peace with Salafist-Islam, and trans-global terrorism and crime will be up to the next president after January 2009 and a future Congress.
The US political leaders–ALL OF THEM–have reached the end of strategy: No options for victory, except continued conflict indefinitely. This is the same sort of political mentality of Europe’s leaders in 1915, one year into four-year long First World War. The only solution then, and under current policy pursued by the US, is strategic, moral and material exhaustion. The US and its allies are in a war of further escalation (Pakistan now; Iran, perhaps; Saudi Arabia and Horn of Africa almost a certainty; God-forbid another Arab-Israeli War). It is a war of attrition between America’s limited resources and declining political will-power and the rabid ideas and unlimited manpower of radical Islamists terrorists.
Can the American people find any of this acceptable?
A fully-informed American public needs to accept that the US national political system has personal profit, class division, and the rewards to wealthy special interests governing this country. The politics of war and peace have been abused and manipulated by partisanship for profit toward these ends. America’s men and women have measured their fatal patriotism in war overseas against the abuses of privilege by a highly visible political class.
The fear of losing power and the greed for more wealth and power by the national political/ruling class has destroyed everything for which this country began and for which millions have fought and a million died: Rule of law under the Constitution, the guarantee of limited decentralized government based on family culture, personal liberty with free-minded opinions, and economic prosperity in a free-market.
The war and homeland security policies have been pursued by the US Government (both Republicans and Democrats equally) with only one option remaining for the long-term survival of the United States: The end of America’s Constitutional “fiction,” and its replacement with a new system of strong, all-powerful, all-policing government with a militarized foreign policy to fight the external enemies, and in the end the “internal” ones (those who dissent).
The American citizens hold the key to the future–with their vote, their instinct, their conscience, and their non-cooperation with a government not winning a war whose continuation serves the “real” political and wealth class. The fate and safety of the American people demand their own responsible, individual action. Government does not solve problems. It cannot guarantee God-given liberty and economic prosperity that people and their families give up willingly. It cannot enforce peace without a sense of justice. The people unaffected by it, who are manipulated into fear and greed on their own part, are ignorant of the war and how it can be fought and won decisivly. The government has failed to pursue, publicly, either its real interest, or actual “undisclosed” goals, in Iraq or elsewhere. Do people really understand the dimensions of how this “War of the Present Future” is between the God-given right of individual liberty and forces of dark anxiety and wicked lust–for more (just more of everything).
Those who are familiar with myself or The Cepia Club’s writings, publications or broadcasts know that our message has been consistent and accurate for 13 years–in the newspapers, on radio, and on the internet. Track back our record of public statements. (We have better than 90% accuracy on our analysis and predictions about oil, war in the Persian Gulf AND Central Asia, Islamists terrorism, economic collapse, and the suicide of individual liberty–all predictions made between June 1995 and BEFORE 9/11/2001). Our small, informed and active group has been just as right on events since 9/11. Can people afford to ignore our warnings now? Can people disregard our suggestions for the need for individuals to create a better, richer, more peaceful world of human fellowship with their own informed choice and personal action?

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