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Friday, February 08, 2008

Dialogue on Voting

Dear Dyalryg,

I hate to say this, after telling people for 13 years they need to vote
before voting doesn't matter anymore, but the neutral in me says, "It
really won't matter either way." I mean it. There will be no change for
the good no matter which of the "four" candidates remain (there will
actually be about 9-13 Presidential candidates on some state ballots,
and only one each will be a Democrat or a Republican).
Pessimistically, which I WON"T say in earnest, "We're damned if do or
don't at this point," is counter-productive. Optimistically, I wouldn't
waste my time helping/volunteering at level above County-level (judge,
sheriff, clerk, etc.) and focus most at your township, village, city,
special district (sewer, etc.). That is if people actually want "to do
something" positive and effective that would actually make a
If you plan on voting now,
voting for state-level, or Federal level is pointless. If you do vote
for assembly, State senate, US Congress or US Senate, Governor or
Attorney General, OR US President, I suggest a positive form of
aggressive civil disobedience: VOTE FOR ANYONE other than either a
Democrat AND a Republican--vote instead for the independent, right-wing, libertarian,
green--or yourself as a vote registered for none of the above as
"write-in"--or a friend as a write-in vote (Do people know they can do
that without campaigning?) That is the only thing I can suggest as
fulfilling civil duty to the republic, but at the same time not
endorsing or legitimizing the modern fiction of liberty,
Constitutional equality before the law, "social justice," the national interest,
and natural rights--All of them in the Declaration of Independence. No such things remain, Dyalyrg.
WHATEVER you do for president, choose to vote regardless, and perhaps
vote as I have suggested.
Most importantly, vote in all four designated
elections, spring primaries, and spring general
election, AND fall primary and general election in Nov. ("Grachius stood in dumbfounded belief when told this. He replied with incredulous anger,'There
are 4 chances to cast my vote? Here I thought there was only one vote
cast every four years!' Thus quoth Scipio Cepiacanus"). First of all, track down your
town/village clerk or county clerk (Balsam Lake in Polk County, and
Hudson in St. Croix--wherever your property is) and ENSURE you are
If people do not vote regularly, or haven't voted in more than a year,
you can't just show up anymore. The system has made it harder for
average in Wisconsin and elswhere, the working people, to do cast a ballot. Hence, only people with dispensable money and
more spare time have the most advantages, opportunities and reasons to vote.
Please, this is only my suggestion. As you
could tell in my LTE, I'm tired of telling people what they NEED to do
anymore, as The Cepia Club first began saying it hard and heavy 13 years ago. Not many listened . No, it is really too late. The whole damn thing is going to
crash, and it must, for "creative destruction" to undergo its process
for a "revolutionary" change in the communities and culture. WE WILL
ALL SUFFER HARDSHIP, but we can make it better via unity, and love to
help one another. That is how liberty, freedom, peace and humanity has always survived in its short, short period of life in history. This is my final prediction of any consequence
anymore. But, young Dyalyrg, do what you will think best; and vote for who you think

The process of significant change is beginning despite our fear and latent, late
attempt to be concerned. The first step is reluctantly undertaken by
many people other than fringe flakes like myself. That is the
"ending ignorance." In "ending apathy," the only thing in good
conscience I can recommend is this: Aggressive non-violent civil
disobedience. That was the way Thoreau wrote and practiced it against
injustices like slavery and the imperialist war against Mexico in
1845-48. Gandhi pretty much took it to the heights of success. Who
knows where it will take people from here. Despite the ridicule, their courage to do what was right and good to fight an evil wrong was justified by both history and the "spirit" of reflexion in passing time.

for asking my opinion, Dyalyrg.

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