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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Clublog Report July 13, 2006

I recently had a learning experience with the potential of blogs. I also found out there is little margin for error concerning them. It was suggested to me four months to do two things with this Clublog: write more often and write less when I do write. I am now committed to writing more often on this blog to drive the growth and influence of this emerging company. I don’t know about writing less when I do post., though.

It was a busy month for The Cepia Club. We issued #5 of “Freedom-zine America.” It had on the front of it the first illustration that our house cartoonist drew last fall (he also did the Club and SCVL, the latter five years ago). We gained more subscribers and another regular advertiser for our flagship publication, “Strategy Gazette.” Issue #2 of S.G. is already in production and it will include three authors beside my own contributions of a minor character. It will be released on email on August 1st.

The p.r. work for Smitty’s “Dig Bike Fest,” and the event itself last Saturday, July 8th, were a resounding success. We filmed over an hour of video and will be making a 5 minute program. We have also (finally) started post-production on our two other Smitty’s Bikes projects: the commercial and “Let There Be Bikes: The Beginning of Smitty’s Bikes” (Note: working title). We plan on posting all of our materials for vidloads on our new page, which is under construction. On other video projects, health problems with our guest, then a time conflict with our co-producer for Episode #2, caused “Freedom Affairs” to be postponed for the end of July. It should be completely finished by the end of July. We have also been filming material for the Northern Lakes Center for the Arts, our “Writing in Amery” short film and last week’s “Meet Mark Twain” theater performance.

On the cyber-front, our Tekwizard, Wizodd, and I are currently revamping the Club website. It will more manageable, better organized, and easier to load. Wizodd also help us set up a Yahoo! Groups email service. People can join the service which we will use for communications to active subscribers by clicking the “Sign Up” link on the navigation section of

Finally, the business plan writing is well advanced. We have been working on it during available time for three weeks. We have about half of what it will eventually be drafted, formatted and revised.

Later, for now,