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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Club Report--May 2, 2006 Multi-Media Progress

Club Report–May 2, 2006
Multi-media Progress

I have had a lot of energy and ambition the last four weeks. The work for the Tyberg for Congress campaign continues to provide enlightening experiences. Club Friend Smitty’s Bikes has the Club doing publicity for the “Dig Bike Fest” in Osceola, WI on July 8th. Both enterprises keep me extremely busy with writing press releases, contacting the media, and making other public relations calls. I have used the media databases I developed.
I recently obtained software and equipment to produce radio-playable sound bytes. I will email the sound bytes using my new DSL internet connection to stations with accompanying press releases for Club clients. The tools and skills for doing more professional and intensive media relations are growing within the Club. I can’t wait for testing some of this new capability.
Last weekend, Club independent contractor and Tekwizard, Chuck B., came to Amery. We spent a day and an evening updating the Club “Sky-Net,” our office computer network. The incorporation of technology, learning to use it properly, and devising the proper methods to get the best effect out of it have been a core goal of the Club this spring. There are still things we need to learn for using the “Sky-Net.” One thing we would like to do is learn how to make an send video “eye bytes” as compact attachments to accompany press releases to television stations.
One major accomplishment for the Club happened on Friday, April 28th. With Tekwizard Chuck and Don H., a volunteer from the Northern Lakes Center for the Arts (NLCA), the Club filmed and produced the pilot episode of “Freedom Affairs,” which we style our own libertarian “Firing Line”-type of talk show. I interviewed long-time friend and executive director of the NLCA, LaMoine MacLaughlin. We talked about community arts, publishing, and the Wisconsin Idea. For a test-pilot program, it looks pretty good, although I could use a lot of improvement as a host. Chuck said if I was aiming for the stuttering, stammering, disoriented William F. Buckley impersonation, I succeeded, even without the pretentious voice and diction. We may not try to get the first episode aired on any cable access stations. Our skills in all matters of the production need some more grooming.
Finally, on May 1st, I emailed the first issue of “Strategy Gazette,” our Club newsletter. Future issues should progress more toward the vision I intend for it. It will come out quarterly instead of bi-monthly.