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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Club Report--January 26, 2006

The Cepia Club is building a strong foundation for the future. My main client, the Tyberg for Congress campaign, is keeping me busy. The role of communications director is demanding. In that job, I have developed even more knowledge about using the media in public relations activities. I have made numerous contacts in the media organizations throughout northern Wisconsin, in the process filling in a very detailed and useful database of 120 local, bi-state, and national media outlets.
Until yesterday I had been the temporary Tyberg campaign volunteer coordinator, which allowed me to season my activities planning and management skills. Earlier this week I helped the campaign find a suitable candidate to manage the volunteers. I will still be involved in this area of the campaign as the volunteers have a role to play in the communications strategy I mapped out in December. The tools and skills I have been learning in this challenging enterprise will serve the Club well this year. Future clients will benefit from my experience gained during this period. There have been gaffes and mistakes on my part, but I am learning and ever improving.
Two weeks ago I produced the last St. Croix Valley Liberty issue of the SCV Liberty Beacon, the Libertarian Party affiliate newsletter since 1998. The SCVL has been closed and can no longer collect or spend money on political campaigns. The group is evolving (or de-evolving) into the format in which we started, as an informal discussion group. We will have a new website (planned for posting on the Club space) and the former members, supporters, and new people interested in joining will continue to share important and interesting political information and libertarian ideas on our email account at .
In my last words as the editor of the Beacon under its parent regime, I left open the possibility of future publication with The Cepia Club as a publisher. I will give it a rest and see where I am in the fall.
This past month I have also experimented with new video equipment and software which will have many uses for the Club and our various projects. I am doing a video for the Northern Lakes Center for the Arts in Amery. It will go into production in March and hopefully be finished by the end of spring.
There are many things left to finish this winter. The Strategy Gazette absolutely has to be done in February. The first, defining article, has been in the drafting phase for a year (some would say for three or four years) and needs to be finished. The second priority is to develop a business plan with a 3 year projection. 2005 was a “baby steps” year. It was a great experience. For 2006-2008, I hope to develop along a consistent, feasible outline of business development. The experience gained in writing the Club business plan will be used to help draft a business plan for my first ever client, Smitty’s Bikes in Osceola, WI.
All for now. I will keep you posted.
Tim Krenz