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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Club Report December 29,2005

Club Report–December 29, 2005

The year winds down. It was the first year of official business for The Cepia Club. I have grown much in terms of professional development. Two-thousand-and-five was a year of personal learning and adjustment within the context of the “master plan” I devised eight years ago.
Since my last posting, I have diligently worked for Jeff Tyberg’s campaign for U.S. Congress. As this is my first real political and media affairs consulting work, I have been very enthused and interested in the work of a campaign communications director. I have also found that I learned a lot of useful knowledge in 13 years as a Libertarian Party activist. The campaign, from the candidate through my fellow advisors, gives me verbal reassurance that my ideas and my work are valued and useful. This credit of confidence for my abilities and thinking encourages me. Combined with the general support I have received for the Club from friends and strangers, my “master plan” for my career is proceeding according to general intent, with revisions.
As for the projects which have a general Club utility, I am done with the daily media databases for northwest Wisconsin. The databases are divided in “Cepia Regions” I, II, and III. CR I includes the Twin Cities, state-wide, and application national daily media (as well as the local media of the old St. Croix Valley district). I have to fill in the email contact fields for the weekly media on CR II and III databases. After that, the empty fields are available for noting special personalities, district info, and notations as they arise in the course of Club-managed media relations.
Finishing up old business of part of the “master plan,” I have begun work on the final issue of the St. Croix Valley Liberty Beacon newsletter. The State Elections Board termination papers for the SCV Liberty will be filed in January. The closure of the St. Croix Valley Liberty after six years as an affiliate Libertarian Party committee is part of the adjustment of the “master plan” that I mentioned above. The SCVL will be ending its financial status and be no longer eligible to raise or spend money. We will, fortunately, continue to do discussion group/outreach/awareness among our email subscribers.
A big part of the “New Strategy” adopted in December 2004 says that we as individuals work to encourage liberty, freedom, and truth in western Wisconsin. I am still a libertarian at heart. In addition to his personal likability and character, I have determined Jeff Tyberg, as a Republican Party candidate, 75% libertarian in his principles (he thinks I’m joking). I will continue to work with other people advancing the cause of individual liberty and freedom for everyone by telling the truth as I believe it to be truth.
There will be other Club projects done over the next few weeks which will contribute toward ahieving the goals I have set for my professional work. Check this blog in coming weeks to find out more about the activities of The Cepia Club.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

December 2005 Club Report

What Have I Been Doing?
There has been no Clublog posting since the webmaster and I set up because I have been very, very busy. On Nov. 4, 2005, I was asked by Jeff Tyberg, of Grantsburg, WI, to be a consultant for the Wisconsin 7th U.S. Congress District race against 36-year incumbent David Obey (D-Wausau).
The website that was up and running on in November impressed Jeff Tyberg and his advisor, Richard A. Hess. They particularly liked how the Club values began with “family” and went on to “community” as the building blocks of civilization. I also presented to them The Cepia Club’s Manual Series: Part I–Beginning A Campaign. It looks as though my experience working for the Libertarian Party’s causes for 13-years is credible with a viable candidate for Federal office. That was both encouraging and pleasing. It wasn’t a waste!
For the past two weeks I have been working even more closely with the Tyberg Campaign in the role of Communications Director. It is a role that I described in snippets to Jeff and Rich from portions of part two of the manual series. That manual series part on the Communications Director and Communication Strategy will be formally presented to the campaign on Dec. 8th (two days from now). I have also been working closely with the campaign on creating and bidding a fund raising-centric mailing pamphlet.

Club Public Relations Report
I’m debating on when and if to do a press release announcing that we had a good start in business this year of 2005. Although we only operated for short of 6 months, there was much done to increase our credibility and build support for our mission. Many of the people who know me well have responded with help, advice, and moral support. Their reaction to the things we have done so far are very encouraging. Even the strangers whose feedback I hear in indirect loops (people are talking about it without knowing me) say that we know from hence we speak and are doing something worthy. Remember–the focus of this business is service to “community ending public ignorance and apathy.” The theory on international libertarianism to which I have alluded in writings and talked about with numerous people is seen as a peaceful approach for solving international conflicts and providing security for the United States and its citizens.
Related to Club P.R., I have filled in 85% of the fields for the Cepia Region I Media Database. Cepia Region I covers the old St. Croix Valley Liberty operating area of west-central Wisconsin, which includes the Twin Cities, Minnesota daily media, because I have some reputation here with the press and public from years of public relations activity on behalf of the Libertarian Party. It is from this area that our Club P.R. and operations will spread beyond our humble origins. The next step is to complete the CR II and III media databases for use in the Tyberg Campaign. The second and third regions will divide the northwest-north corner of Wisconsin and the southeast-south section. Added up they will cover the all the media outlets for the 7th Congress District.

I am trying to get the promised inaugural issue of Strategy Gazette newsletter ready for publication by the end of this month (Dec. 2005). I do have to issue the final edition of the SCV Liberty Beacon as the SCVL members voted to terminate the local LP committee which publishes the newsletter. There was a lot of favorable reaction to issues 1 and 2 of the Freedom-zine America. I have yet to decide on the frequency of the zine. Will it be a regular monthly or two or three week publication or published when there is need for it? The last zine was printed and distributed in late October. I have had the articles and graphics ready for Issue # 3 for a month. One thing I can’t do, however, is commit to do anything which I will not have time to carry out as promised. There is plenty to do the rest of December and I have a new year for which to plan.

Till later,

Tim Krenz
The Cepia Club